Meet The Looms!

The Looms are an anarchist folk punk band from South Jersey (Occupied Lenape land). They were formed in 2017 from a collective interest in making music that could promote positive social change. They are known for their energetic live shows and friendly communitarian attitude. Over the years they have played alongside many popular acts in the folk punk world, many of which they are happy to call their friends. 

The Looms are a rambunctious crew that looks to bring a great time wherever they go. Inspired by punk, folk, ska, old union songs, and a bit of prog and pop, their lyrics range from calls to revolution, comradery, solidarity, and having too many holes in your socks. Comprised of a philosopher, a film connoisseur, and the Twin Loom nurses, they're always down for a conversation—to hear your story, or share one of their own!


Jimmy C. Tolbert

Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica.

Corey Siegel

Vocals, Bass, Guitar.

Nicholas Bongiorno

Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals.


Anthony Bongiorno.